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My school officially teaches Java, but one of my required courses was a "logic" class which used Visual Basic.NET. After taking a semester of both I have decided I much prefer the .NET platform than Java.

The logic/VB.net class only covered the first eight chapters of this book, http://www.course.com/catalog/product.cfm?category=Programming&subcategory=Microsoft%20Visual%20Basic.NET&isbn=0-619-16010-1, but I decided I would finish reading it on my own. I have, and now I'm interested in continuing to learn more .NET programming (and I'll have to do it on my own since that class was the only non-Java class my school teaches.)

I’ll be switching to Visual Studio.NET 2005 and .NET 2.0, and I would like to get into some C# programming as well. I also know PHP, Java, and some C++, so I’m not a programming newbie.

What books would you suggest to continue from here?

Also, my school suggests that Java is the big language to learn. However, many people outside the school suggest that Java is starting to take a back seat to the .NET platform. What's the truth of the industry? What should I try to learn if I want to get work? (Keeping in mind that I'm not very fond of website development.)


DLL Management Code?

I've been asked to find some sort of program, or better yet some code (and even better in Visual Basic of some variety) that will (I think) check the DLLs and their versions that are being loaded against what the program is expecting, or something similar (sorry, it wasn't made very clear.)

Any suggestions? Thanks

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I have an idea for a little project involving video.

The first step, though, is getting video from a DV camera over firewire in real time.
How would I go about doing that in Java 1.5.x or VB.Net?


VB.Net variable combining

I'm trying to combine the name of a variable, with a number contained in another variable. The thing I'm trying to do with it isn't supported by arrays, otherwise I'd use them.

say I have variable1 and variable2
instead of doing something like:

I would like to do something like:
for x = 1 to 2
console.writeline(variable & x)

so that it will print the variable ending with the number in x.

I know you can do this in Java and PHP, so I was hoping I could do it in VB.Net.


First Post

Hi, I'm coldacid and I'll be your community admin. The sw_engineers community has been created to address the lack of a community on LiveJournal dedicated explicitly to the field of software engineering. I'm not big on speeches (even if they're just typed) so I'll leave the floor open now.